1. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

     Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    Love never fails.

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Miss Gibbs, Santa Barbara CA
Photographed by Elizabeth West


    Miss Gibbs, Santa Barbara CA

    Photographed by Elizabeth West


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  5. Antok muchy..

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  9. Just make it simple! Smile always Juliet! :)

    Just make it simple! Smile always Juliet! :)

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  11. “Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love to find out if there is really something there.”

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  13. Anonymous

    Thank you for teaching me how to love, to appreciate every moment, to know how to make an effort and everything. I feel that I am in heaven every time when we are together. I never felt it way back then - - maybe that is what we called LOVE. Yes, I felt it with you. I love the most when we are talking, saying weird things and walking? I am happy with those simple things. But it is happier when I am with you – just seeing you smiling while I am holding your hand. Now, I know you are happy. There’s so much I wanted to say but I think a simple message is enough.

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  15. I am happy to be with them! They’re my sisters. —- unbiological sisters. Well, I am thankful to our dearest God for making me happy when every time I am with them. They are also my bestfriend FOREVER! <3

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    The Summer Wing: Easy Gold, Coral and Neon-Pink Winged Eyes

    This is an easy gradient winged eye and actually more flattering than you might think neon pink shadow would be.

    The 3 main shades are yellow, coral, and fuchsia, but the key to the look is that I used 2 shimmers in the 88 Shimmer palette for the yellow and coral, then switched to a matte neon pink (BH Cosmetics WM20) at the outer corners. 

    This creates more strength to the look, although you can also use one of the fuchsias in the shimmer palette if you want to save the trouble. A matte is just more flattering when you’re wearing a neon pink on the lids, in my opinion.

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    So my friends cat turned one. Slight change”

    Beautiful cat


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    Review: Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi (Skin Refining Anti-Dullness) Cleansing Oil and More Info on Oil Cleansing!

    An emulsifying cleansing oil is a one-step cleanser. It strips away heavy, waterproof makeup with gentle massaging (no cotton balls or pads!) and then turns into a milky liquid and rinses away once you splash water on your face.

    Shu Uemura is the company where the world’s first emulsifying cleansing oil originated decades ago. Come 1st June (UPDATED TO CORRECT DATE), they are updating their best-selling A/O (anti-oxidant) Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil, and throwing in nature’s heavyweight dirt-magnet - Moringa extract - alongside the original green tea extract in the formula. So now besides anti-aging properties and skintone improvement, the company is aiming to ramp up its deep-cleansing abilities as well.


    (Image source: Shu Uemura)

    For those who hate reading long posts, here is my review of the newly-named “Anti/Oxi Skin Purifier” in a nut-shell:

    • I recently did an experiment where I swopped out my usual cleansing waters and oils and used ONLY the newly-reformulated Anti-Oxi Cleansing Oil with Moringa extract for about 4 weeks, just to see if there would be any noticeable improvements before posting.
    • I changed no other part of my skincare routine except for this.
    • Verdict? Love. This is a faster and deeper clean than most other oils and I actually didn’t get a single spot the past month even during PMS. Fluke? I’ll use it longer and let you know!

    Maybe it’s unfair to ask a long-time Shu Uemura cleansing oil user to review an upgraded oil from the company, but I like it enough that I intend to replace the Clarifying Skin Purifier Oil (pink bottle) I’m already using. This “clarifies” even better.

    [Warning: Long post below. Read on only if you want info on pricing, availability, and the history and usage of emulsifying cleansing oils!]

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    Video Add-on: Fun Demo of the Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Oil (with Moringa extract) in action! Read a little first!

    Just saw this link so I wasn’t able to include it in my post yesterday. An emulsifying oil needs to do 2 things.

    1. Break down makeup quickly and gently.
    2. Emulsify in water and remove the dirt/grime from your skin as it rinses away.

    The demo wasn’t mean to show charcoal removal from the hand. It was just a way to transfer charcoal to cotton pads in a consistent way 3 times.

    The main difference is in how quickly and thoroughly the oils were able to emulsify and shed the charcoal particles from the cotton fibers. The last thing you want is skin that looks clean, but that is still holding lots of dirt on a microscopic level. (As a side-note we did get to see the differences up-close at the demo when the cotton pads were lifted out a couple of minutes after!)

    The Shu Uemura team did not divulge what the other 2 brands of best-selling emulsifying oils were though I did make some guesses! (I think the olive-green oil in the center is quite recognizable if you live in Asia or are a cleansing oil fan. And I’ve definitely tried that before as well.)

    @lizziedelizo, see my note above on it being a live demo in front of a whole roomful of bloggers, and we did go up to look at the cotton pads after awhile. The emulsification process continued long after the clip was recorded so we got to see how everything looked after they’d all been soaking for 5-10mins and the overall difference was quite visible. But I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it LOL.

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    [Requested] Easy-to-Wear “Pink Glam” Day Look for Summer

    There were a few requests for easy-to-do day looks that are quick to apply, fun for Summer, visible, but not over-the-top.

    This is a look that pairs a bright pink shimmer (one of those fuchsias on the 88 Shimmer palette that we never use) with simple neutrals (beige shimmer and black) for a flattering look that works on any skin tone and all eye shapes.

    This is a look that works especially well if you’d like to elongate or widen small or rounded eyes.

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Do what makes you happy.


    Do what makes you happy.

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